Good times should return to the Mabelreign-based Sherwood Golf Club, which about two years ago was threatened with becoming a residential neighborhood.

The recreation facility is under threat from land barons who have wanted to subdivide the residential stalls since 2018, but the stalemate appears to be over after club president Bricks Bhomba and some committee members smoke a peace pipe.

Formed in 1961, Sherwood closed for almost three years with a single bartender, Ms. Dalgano and the CEO pulling the strings.

The golf course now uses 13 of 18 holes after being reduced to a nine-hole course with reports that 10 residential stalls have been allocated in 2020. Sources from the club, which reports to the city of Harare, said that ‘there was a court decision which prohibited land barons from stopping with immediate effect from subdividing stands. As is the case with many golf courses like Warren Hills, Ruwa Country Club and Mount Pleasant Golf Club, golfers may breathe a sigh of relief as the latter appears to have been pardoned. A source, who spoke to the Herald, said there was an impasse between committee members and city council over ownership of the land in question.

“I think 2022 will be a different year as there are some developments. The course now uses 13 holes which means it will expand as the year progresses.

“The situation was bad and no one understood what was going on. The golfers had shunned the place because it was no longer suitable but the club survived thanks to the dues paid by the members.” We hope that everything will be in order beforehand. the 2022. golf season such as we can play in the A and B league of Harare province. As for Warren Hills, there was a controversial joint venture between the city of Harare and businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe of Sunshine Development Private Limited.

Sunshine has since approached the High Court to evict current tenants from the Warren Hills Golf Club as it seeks to convert the recreation facility into a residential area.

According to a High Court application filed by Sunshine Developments, which is 70 percent controlled by Sharpe, the city of Harare, which had a lease with the Warren Hills Golf Club, no longer owns the 80 percent recreational facility. hectares because it was transferred to the joint venture.